Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Yesterday I worked ...... today I am playing

Well that's not strictly true. True I worked on my City & Guilds course yesterday but it's playing really. I have been having such fun. We have been painting brown parcel paper. This one using water colour paints.

This one was painted with water colour paint, painted with a PVA/water mix and then scrunched. I then went over it with an oil pastel in lemon/yellow and repainting with the PVA/water mix. The PVA/water mix gives a nice shine and brings out the colour.
I painted this one with gouache and scrunched and painted over with Markal (Shiva) oil paintsticks.
This is my favourite piece. I painted with gouache, scrunched and painted over it with the PVA/water mixture. SCrunched again and then finally lightly rubbed it with rub 'n' buff gold. The picture doesn't show the richness of colours that the original has. Love it.


Dianne said...

Oh Carol,
these are just great lots of stuf for us to try thanks for sharing this....