Friday, 2 March 2007

Treasures from Japan

Yesterday a wonderful package arrived from Tomoko in Japan. Everything was so beautifully packaged and tied with ribbons. A packet of Sakura flavoured green tea - which I have to say I tried this morning and is lovely.

Tomorow, 3 March, is "Hina Matsuri" (Hina Festival check the link) for girls. The pair of Japanese Hina dolls on the card are for this festival.
The tin also has Japanese dolls on it and the contents were gorgeous. Norman and I had one each yesterday and they just melted in our mouth.
Tomoko hand stitched these for me. They are just gorgeous. The stitching is amazing, her work is just so beautiful.
Here they are, I love them. Thank you Tomoko for your kindness.


Dianne said...

OOWW you lucky lucky girl. what a wonderful pkg. I have never heard of this celebration but have it marked now.. The little bowls are just gorgeous...Thanks for sharing this.
Brilliant work Tomoko...

Tonniece said...

OOOOOOOOH are you one lucky woman. These presents are super. How sweet of her, and how talented also. Absolutely beautiful stiching.
Thanks for the link, I guess you learn something everyday.

teodo said...

This presents are very very beatiful! ciao ciao

MargaretR said...

What a wonderful gift to receive Carol.
I just love the interactivity going on between all the countries of the world and this is the way forward through the women of the world getting together like this.

Let's all join together to create a peaceful world.

Carol said...

You are so right Margaret. Peace!