Sunday, 6 May 2007

More Mandalas

Yesterday afternoon I spent a while in the studio just playing. I drew the circles for both these mandalas with a compass to get me started and then I just doodled. I used watercolours for the right side and aquarelle crayons for the left side as you see it here. Could this have come about with my battle with right/left brain? I learned a few years ago that I work with the right and left side of my brain equally. I certainly wasn't consciously thinking about anything when I was drawing this.
I have called this one "chaos". I wonder what it portrays, if anything. I used oil pastels to colour this one. This is just another doodle. I have to say I had a dreadful headache when I finished these. Perhaps I had to concentrate too hard, what do you think?

I couldn't resist playing with these mandalas in paint shop pro XI.
I do like how they have turned out. This is the kind of thing I was doing early on in the C&G course it's nice working with your own source material!


Karoda said...

the photoshop alterations would be groovy runs on yards of fabric.

sjandik said...

Your right/left brain usage explains your ability with the computer-love the stuff you are doing. You are certainly exploring Mandalas. Sandy in La Center

Dianne said...

Carol the madalas are very nice,
when put in that photo shop WOW I love both. The idea of them in material priceless..

MargaretR said...

I love your mandala work Carol. The top one is stupendous. Best word I could think of to describe that(smile)

Tonniece said...

More goodies Carol, their all great. I just love the effects with PSP.