Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Norman and I went to Millers art shop in Glasgow the other day. I needed to get a gift for an artist friend. I just love that shop, there is always something new. I saw these and loved the dragons on each of them. They wrap themselves around the paint sticks. The box is gorgeous too and they weren't expensive. They are paintsticks and it seems a shame to use them they are just so lovely.
Tomoko sent me some napkins in white and indigo printed with sashiko designs they arrived earlier this week. She also sent a skein of two different weights of thread, both are gorgeous.
This morning this book on Sashiko arrived it is written in Japanese but the designs and instructions are clear enough that I can make the gorgeous things inside, table runners, bags etc.
These napkins, 10 of them in traditional designs and two summer designs, and all these threads in wonderful colours arrived with the book. That's a postcard in the corner. I am looking forward to stitching these napkins. I sent some gifts off to her as a thank you.

Yesterday we went to the Clyde Valley for plants. Sadly the place we have bought our plants for the past few years had closed down. However there is a wonderful garden centre there and we got the plants we wanted. No prizes for guessing what I was busy doing all day today? Yep! They are nearly all planted out. It has been glorious here today although it has been a little windy.


MargaretR said...

Those dragons on the painsticks are lovely and I'm sure your friend will love them. But what's the bet they will stay in the box? They are far too nice to use.

When I was Machine Knitting I often bought the Japanese books and even though I could not understand a word, they gave me a great deal of pleasure and I was able to understand how they were made.

Dianne said...

Aww Sashiko is such a nice Lady..
These are beautful, I know you'll enjoy making all these lovely things.. What a sweetheart, just like you....
Well you know I love these paint sticks they are beautiful...
Big hugs Dianne