Thursday, 21 June 2007

Take One Painted Background

I mentioned in an earlier post that I photograph all my painted/dyed/embossed papers before I use them in my work. I thought I would show you a very simple process that anyone can do using Paint Shop Pro (or photoshop). You can download a 30 day trial copy of PSP to have a play with photographs or scans of your painted papers here.

This is one of my hand painted papers using Distress Inks

You will remember this painted paper that I did using the distress inks. First of all I made a copy of my original design. It's so easy to get carried away playing with the software so save your originals.

I added the polar co-ordinates effect. I usually add the seamless tiling effect and perhaps another polar co-ordinate. You can do this a few times and get some pretty neat results.
Here it is with a few more polar co-ordinates and seamless tiling effects added. You know when it's time to stop when you start going round in circles.

Another effect and you can see how I am subtly changing the colours of the original design.

Another effect and you can completely change the colour scheme.

A little more manipulation and your design has changed again.

I often use some of the artistic effects in Paint Shop Pro and get really nice results.

You can see how the design and colour is changing. I save at every stage because I get so engrossed in experimenting with the design I forget what filters I have used.

You can also create patterns or kaleidoscopes and add even more filters to change your design.

I think this would make a great fabric postcard which I could embellish with beads.

You can change the colour completely. I used Artistic effects - chrome for this one. Using this effect you can change it to whatever colour you like.

I could play for hours with this one painted paper. As you can see what you can do by simply adding different effects to the original. The possibilities are endless. Imagine what you can do when you start adding layers.

Once you are happy with your design you can print it to paper, fabric, Lazertran, organza. I have playing with printing onto Lutrador using Inkaid with great results and also Inkaid on it's own - now there's a thought. There are no limits to what you can do.


Alis said...

Carol, that was a fantastic post. You have inspired me to go play with the 'puter.
Thank you.

Dianne said...

This is so cool - what a wonderful way to make your very own papers/fabric. What is Inkaid??

Purple Missus said...

I agree with Alis, a very inspiring post. I still feel though that I am 'cheating' when I use the PC to any degree for design work :) Silly really, because that is obviously the way to go! Must be an age thing.

Carol said...


People who stitched by hand probably thought it was "cheating" to use a sewing machine

Artists probably thought recording events by taking photographs was "cheating"

Hand quilters probably think longarm quilting is "cheating"

Hand embroiderers probably think machine embroidery is "cheating"

Why should using a computer be "cheating"? It's just another skill.

I hand quilt, hand embroider, draw, paint, take digital photographs and write letters I sent by snail mail but I also use all the new technology around to add to my design work.

Doreen G said...

Holy Cow Carol I didn't know you could do all that stuff on the computer--I love the last one the best.

Papoosue said...

These are fantastic aren't they? One of them even looks a bit like an aerial photograph! Another thing to add to my 'to do' list - thanks Carol!

Tonniece said...

Again you got my juice's flowing Carol.
These are fantastic. I can't even pick a favorite. Looks like just so much fun. I swear I will have PSP before the years end.

Sandy said...

WOW! All from one piece. I'd be on the computer all day-it's fascinating. What about using one for the base of you bead project and just beading parts? Sandy

Maureen said...

Oh Carol!!!
I wanna play with photoshop,and....., and..........!
Being an "old" lady (VBG) give me some HINTS "how' to try all these great programmes!

BTW.....I "LERVE" all your pics and processes.....just wish I was 40 years younger!