Sunday, 1 July 2007

Good results with Inkaid

I have been busy experimenting with Inkaid with some wonderful results. I love this one. I painted a couple of layers of gel medium and then a further two coats of Inkaid left it to dry and printed to it. It's difficult to take a picture to let you see the effect but I think you can see the result. It's like a transparency except it's stitchable. I have tried inkjet transfers using Golden gel with varying degrees of success but this is superb. Perfect prints.

I received a lovely package of gifts from Tomoko in Japan, thank you Tomoko my friend you are so kind.

There was a collection of printed Sashiko designs which I have to say are gorgeous and I will be stitching them in the next few weeks. There was a most wonderful magazine with a few articles of different textiles. Sumizome (dying with Sum or Japanese ink) which is intriguing. Weaving with nature in Okinawa. There are some gorgeous indigo dyed fabrics. A true feast of wonderful ideas Skikonzome - purple dying and Banibanazome - creating a crimson flush. This is a truly complicated processes, just amazing. There's an article on Lillies which is so very interesting and an advert which shows a beautiful tassel. I love Passementerie and this photograph has given me a wonderful idea to make one for myself.

There was also a book on Origami which fascinates me and since I have been making Geodecos I thought I would try one of the designs - the Kimono. The paper I used is painted using Radiant Rain misters. They are just wonderful to use. Once I had folded the Kimono I used embossing ink and gold embossing powder. The background is my Golden gel and brusho inks paper I painted last week. I thought this design would make a great fabric postcard if I bonded fabric. Something to try later.

I was tagged for the second time this time by LaRinda. I was given the option of opting out the first time but I guess I should reply so here are 7 things you didn't know about me (and probably didn't want to know):

1 I started working with computers 26 years ago. I started out as a computer operator and ended my career as an IT Manager and Client Manager. I managed mini computers upgrading software, installing hardware and network management.

2 Before I started in computing I worked for Court Shorthand Writers where I travelled around Scotland "writing up" public and private inquiries mostly oil related inquiries. I was known as "the fastest typist in the West".

3 I have always been keen on sports and played in the Scottish basketball league despite only being 5 foot 2 inches - I was fast.

4 I was nominated for the Medal of Excellence for my Part 2 City & Guilds work in 2001.

5 I used newsgroups and email on Digital's worldwide network back in 1986 before the Internet became popular.

6 I walk 6 miles every day when I am home.

7 In order to change career I studied Technology and Psychology with the Open University while I was working full time. I still love learning new things and enjoy taking courses to keep up with whatever is new in both computing and fibre arts.

I think everyone whose blog I visit has been tagged at some time or another so I won't be tagging anyone specifically but if you haven't been, and want to be, consider yourself tagged.

Now if you have managed to read this far - well done. I have a challenge for you. I was moving my fabric dyes etc out into my wet studio from the garage. In one of the boxes I found something I bought many years ago (about 6 or 7 can you believe that?). I had never used it and so today I opened it and had a little play. To my surprise it was still usable. I am sure we all buy things and put them away unused.

My challenge for you is to find something in your studio that you haven't used and go and experiment with it. I will post the results of my experiments tomorrow when they have dried and I have painted them - can you guess what it is? Let me know if you take up my challenge.


Sandy said...

No wonder you're so good with the computer. You certainly have a lot of energy. A friend gave me 4 bottles of Inkodye that she had had for years and never used, so maybe this summer I will. Sandy

Sue B said...

That ink aid piece is very cool Carol.

SuZ said...

Carol, that ink aid technique is very interesting...I never saw that before...I love the results!!

Papoosue said...

your printed pieces look really good Carol and i love the parcel of goodies from your friend. I am very impressed at your achievements, not least at walking 6 miles per day - I think 1 mile a day would be an improvement for me!

Tonniece said...

Oh My Gosh..... This ink aid turned out super Carol. Excellent!!!!!!!!

What a great recieve everthing looks yummy. I really like the Kimono too. They are fun to do.
What a great load of info on the
"tag" . It's a wonder you are so energetic, 6 MILES? I'm tired already.

Challenge?, did I hear a challenge. Well, I'm not too good at them, but I will consider it.

Hope you are haveing a great weekend


Doreen G said...

What a great post today Carol-now I understand your brilliance with computers.
I love the inkaid pieces--what is inkaid?
Challenge -did you say challenge!!
where will I start in my cupboard? but I accept.

Purple Missus said...

Carol, you would not believe the amount of untouched ‘must haves’ that line my shelves! This is a jolly good idea. I think I will make it a regular feature on my blog. Going to have a good look at the weekend and choose something.
Love how the InkAid piece turned out and what a very generous friend you have there.

Susan D said...

You have a very generous friend there. Love the origami Kimono. Do you remember a TV programme in the late 60's with a man showing how to do Origami?

I took up your challenge and had a go with my Needle felting kit that has been on a shelf since I bought it in March.

Maureen said...

last weekend I was gifted two glorious volumes by Jane Nicholas on Stumpwork (Dragonflies and Beetles) PLUS a heap of specialty "pieces" for constructing some of the bugs.
My friend,when she gave them to me said" Maureen,they were all 'I cant live withouts',then I discovered I DONT LIKE NEEDLEWORK!!"
In one of the books was a magnificent photograph of reeds in a pond,AND a Dragonfly!!
I have ideas for n/f the scene then adding the dragonfly........unfortunately,it WON'T happen in 24 hours!

Bird on a wire said...

Such much unused stuff, so little time. Blue printing, a fabric marbling kit from either Japan or China, Bubble Jet Set and the list goes on.... and on....... (grin)
I'm green for your Japanese goody bag. Great fun.
And I love the inkodye stuff, I must have some.
I'll wait until some tags me realtime beofre I sit and think 7 'things'