Sunday, 12 August 2007

Markal Paint Sticks and Fabric Pages

My Module 2 Judging course work arrived home on Friday from my tutor. I am really pleased with her feedback AND I don't have any additional work to do. I have to say I never mind if I have more work to do I would rather it was done properly. This was a really tough module for me. Although I was familiar with the elements of design I studied them again in great depth before critiquing 4 photographs from the 88th Scottish Salon photography exhibition. As with Module 1 we had to study something other than textiles. I am certainly looking at art differently already. I did that when studying my City & Guilds but this is a different level altogether. Now on to Module 3 which is textiles, quilts in fact.

I have had a set of Markal (Shiva) paint sticks for about 9 years and haven't used them much over the years. Although I had irridescent copper, bronze and silver I sent to QuiltingArts for their pack of 12 irridescent paint sticks. The colours are just wonderful. I also bought a couple of packs of rubbing plates that I couldn't resist.

The picture above is habotai silk in a rather lovely electric blue to which I added some red and a gorgeous turquoise. I plan on using this for a new book I am working on.

This is a navy cotton with bronze, turquoise and purple. I used a rubbing plate and one of my own that I made with string on card last year when I did my printing class.

This is one of my hand dyes with turquoise and bronze - both irridescent. I used a rubbing plate and also one of my own made with a hot glue gun on card (I love that technique it's so much fun).

I plan on using these for fabric postcards but I need to wait 48 hours before I can start stitching and embellishing them.

I also finished my 14 fabric pages for the Like Minded Artists swap. They measure 7 x 6. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the participants so I am just showing a little section of the page. The theme was flowers and I decided to use Fritilaria Imperialis.

Now I need to go and make three little boxes - don't ask.


Quilt Pixie said...

I've got a set of Shiva paintstiks but have never used them... may have to hunt them down again. I take it that you placed the textured block under your fabric and simply did like a rubbing on the fabric using the paintstiks?

Carol said...

These are lovely, I love the bottom pice, can't wait to see the rest.

Sandy said...

Congratulations on passing mod 2-not that I'm surprised. Using 2 colors on one piece with the Shiva sure makes them look better. The fabric page looks lovely. Sandy

Jill Smith said...

Hi Carol, ou have got me gtting my oil stcks out and haven't used mine for seventeen years in City and Guilds but loking at yours l will have to have a o.
After all my problems with vista pc had to open another blog yet now they have found 5 they lost but won't let me delete them, have a look when you time,

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
I really enjoyed reading your description of module 2. I already knew paintsticks from a book and works of a friend but never tried do use them myself (because I didn't had the time) but now I would like to start immediately.
Best wishes from Germany,
Sarah Esther Sophie

Dianne said...

The paintstik fabrics look fantastic! I have the gold, but on seeing your lovely pieces might just have to invest in some more!!

Papoosue said...

nice work with the paintsticks Carol!

Susan D said...

I'll have to be getting myself some painsticks, glad to see they will keep even if I don't use them a lot. Can't wait to see the rest of the fabric pages.

Alis said...

Great pieces Carol I love the colours.
Congratulations on passing Mod 2.

Tonniece said...

Lovely colours with the paint sticks Carol.
Those ladies are going to be so thrilled when they get your pages.
OOOOHHH, I'm so excited, and I'm not even in the swap.

Nola said...

Love the colours of the paintstik pieces! I can see the iridescent ones are a must have. I have several that I use from time to time, most recently for rubbings. It was on the last set of books pages and I wanted something ti suggest water ripples so I did a rubbing with a kitchen grater underneath. I love the idea of using a glue gun to make a rubbing plate - hadn't heard of that one before. If I can only get my glue gun back from the black hole of David's workshop - hmm, might have to buy another, methinks!
Can't wait for the bok pages! Mine are progressing slowly... gettign there.