Sunday, 26 August 2007

More Fabric Postcards

After a busy few days (Friday was spent choosing wallpaper and new carpets) it was nice to get back playing with Paint Shop Pro and doing some more stitching. I am not sure whether the yellow was right for this. I had a choice of using the yellow, green or red from the colours in the middle of the image. I was edging towards red but at the last moment decided on the yellow. It's not a colour I use very often but these postcards are a chance to try something a little different. What colour would you have chosen for the satin stitch edging?

I have been playing around with the photographs I took at the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow. It's amazing what you can do with a simple image and a few click of the mouse.

This one started out as a lovely deep pink clematis. I think I could have done a little more with this one.

I have a little water feature in the conservatory. I turned my back for a moment and look who has decided to have a drink from it. She's a cheeky little thing isn't she?


Vicki W said...

All of your cards are cool - I espeically love the second one! I like the yellow edge on the first one but I probably would have gone with green. I don't know why though!

Purple Missus said...

All the postcards you have made just lately are gorgeous Carol but I do love these latest three. I think that whatever colour you had picked out: red, yellow or green, would have still looked good as the border.

Quilt Pixie said...

had to laugh at the cat! My three indoor cats are the main reason I don't have an aquarium or a running water fountain kind of thing... I'd just be frustrated yelling at them to get out all the time :-)

I rather like the yellow border you put on the FAP. I might have gone for a dark one with a line of straight stitching in the bright colour inside it -- sort of create two borders -- the bright yellow, but then frame it with something closer to the background colour....

Cellostitcher said...

I love all these postcards. I am like you and don't use yellow a lot but I do like it on this postcard.

Your cat is cheeky. She reminds me of mine and my sisters' cat when I was a little girl. She was a Siamese and was beautiful like yours.

Judy Scott said...

Hi Carol your postcards are lovely, I like the yellow in the top one ~ its the link between the red and green! love the post cards in the previous post too what fun they are.

My sons kitty drinks water from the drips in the bathroom tap :)

Its lovely to see all your photos of the surrounding area we are so fortunate to live here ~ I know I take it all for granted.

My fabric came from Rainbow silks but not done anything with it yet didnt get the inkaid to treat it with first ~ it was really expensive so will have to wait till Ive paid for college (next Monday I start). Have a good week, Judy x

Sandy said...

Cats own the place they live, so, of course, that is her water.
I like the yellow edge on the card. It sets the center off. All of them are nice. SAndy

Nola said...

Hmm, maybe something a little more orange? I like the yellow but... I dunno, maybe it needed to shout a little louder?

The Botanic Gardens image is great - really interesting! I like the clematis one but I see what you mean, it could go a bit further.

Cat is thirsty, cat sees water, cat drinks. How kind of you to provide such an interesting water bowl!

Homeleightigger said...

I love all these postcards Carol - what an amazing way to try out different effects with your PSP. About the card with the yellow border - I would probably have gone for that orange down there where the red and yellow meet in the middle of the card....... the yellow looks good though. Val

Alis said...

Great images again Carol.

I really like the yellow on this postcard. It brings it alive I think.

Cat's are so cheeky and funny aren't they. Just got to love them.