Thursday, 2 August 2007

Printing on Evolon

I had a piece of blue/green hand dyed fabric which I free motion quilted with a very random design. As it happens I think the quilting worked well since I really just wanted a quickly quilted piece to over paint. I used red paint this time and it is a stunning piece. The photograph doesn't do it justice. I think this may well be the colours I decide to work with but I have a few more experiments to do first before deciding.

Whilst I had the paints and dyes out I have been experimenting with Evolon. This is new to me and is said to be similar to Luntrador. The above picture is an A3 sized piece that I printed onto. I used the old Epson in my wet studio which isn't as good a printer as the R1800. I didn't treat the Evolon with anything just printed directly onto it, I backed it with freezer paper first. Although it is lighter than the paper version it is darker than when I print on Lutrador. Lutrador is more loosely woven than Evolon.

I have painted some samples with various paints, dyes and Markal (Shiva) paintsticks. I will post the results when they have dried.
Here is the same design printed on paper. You can see the difference between the two.


Sandy said...

Wonderful quilting. You sure do experiment. Sandy

Carol said...

Oh the bottom picture looks like an alien!, you have it a diferent orientation in the one on the Evolon. I am getting bitten by Mags' guesssing game bug!

Papoosue said...

LOL - I thought it looked like an alien too! Love your top piece - the quilting design is lovely and the colours are great aren't they?

freebird said...

Your quilting is amazing. Maybe it was my machine but I didn't enjoy machine quilting much; could never get the tension right. Then I see what you do; I can tell you've had a lot of practice! It's nice to know about the different properties of printable fabrics from those who really use them. Thanks.

Alis said...

I was reading about Evalon so it is great to see you working with it. Thank you for sharing your results.

The quilted piece is beautiful. Great colours.

Hugs, Alis

Tonniece said...

Beautiful quilted piece Carol.

The second piece I like the colors on the paper. They seem much more vibrant to me.

MargaretR said...

That's a lovely gift Marion sent you Carol.
But you have also been so busy again. I do envy you an A3 printer and what you have done is wonderful. I can see that alien too Carol T!