Saturday, 1 September 2007

Treasures from Friends

I received this beautiful postcard from Mags (Digital Gran). The colours and texture are stunning. Thank you Mags it's nice to have a piece of your art in my collection.

My dear friend Tomoko from Japan sent me another package of treasures. This is a beautiful Furishiki of Mt Fuji. Traditionally a piece of fabric like this is used for wrapping gifts. I think I might use it as a wall hanging.

She also sent me some towels, the kind used at the hot springs. They feel so soft and are long and narrow. There's a beautiful little bag and a doll which I understand is very hard to get in Kobe where Tomoko lives. Thank you Tomoko, I hope you enjoy the goodies I sent you.

This is something I bought for myself. As you probably guessed from my recent "girl" postcards I love the work of Patti Medaris Culea. I have her other two books and this one completed my collection. I was privileged to take an online class with Patti a little while back and made my first doll. I am afraid I haven't mastered the faces yet which has prevented me from making another. I thought buying her stamps would help me. I will make more dolls when I have more time.

In the meantime my classes start later this month and so I shall be busy getting things ready for that. We are busy decorating the master bedroom, new carpet arrives next week and family commitments mean less play time.


Homeleightigger said...

What super treasures Carol, specially those from Tomoko. Love your blog - hope your commitments don't keep you away too long. Val

Dianne said...

You lucky deserving Girl you :):)
Love the Japanese stuff.. I agree it would make a beautiful wall hanging..
The one by Mags is the bomb..
Isn't Marion so nice and so funny. She so giving, she us let me go through her pieces and pick what we wanted.
I too love her stuff. I knew you gals would be pals..Oh I did fall in love with her sweet husband too.
I'm afraid I'll fall in love with Norman too, I thought I'd worn you LOL..

Tonniece said...

How super special. Lovely gifts for a lovely person.