Friday, 14 December 2007

Old and New Work

I managed to get another New York Beauty block made. It still needs to be pressed.

Norman and I have been busy putting up the Christmas tree and I have been looking out some of my Christmas work I made a few years ago and thought I would share them with you. This is one of my very first quilts made about 9 years ago. It's the 12 Days of Christmas and the embroidery was done using my Bernina 180 and embroidery unit.

Here are a few of the designs. They are gorgeous and I really enjoyed stitching them although they took ages.
This is a small Christmas tree is made from Suffolk Puffs (yoyos). They each measure approximately 1" in diameter. They are pinned to a polystyrene base with some plain and fancy sequins.

This is the same technique. They used a LOT of fabric.

This little tree is prairie points pinned to a polystyrene base.

This is a larger one (sorry I chopped the top off in this photograph).

A few years ago my friend and I went on our annual visit to the quilt show at Harrogate, England and I found a kit for these Santas. I love them they were fun to make.


Lise said...

Oh my!! I'm so impressed. The NewYork blocks are great - so are you embroidery and the trees!!

Joanna van said...

These blocks are great. What will you do with them? Make them into one big quilt?

MargaretR said...

I agree with Lise and Joanna and I especially love your Xmas work using the Suffolk puffs.