Friday, 11 January 2008

Catching Up

I have received a "You Make my Day" award from Lise and Marion . Thank you both so much you both made my day.

I haven't be able to spend much time in the studio lately. This is always a busy time of year we have been more out and about than in.

Cotton Dyed using Procion MX Dyes

I really need to get on with my judging course work. Module 4 is about using different fabrics and products. Well that's something I am familiar with since I have tried most things and am always on the look out for new things to try. I have been writing up about fabrics, waddings and stabilisers etc. I just finished a section on fabric dyeing, stamping, stencilling etc. The above piece of cotton was dyed using Procion MX dyes.

Abaca Tissue Dyed using Procion MX Dye

This is a hand dyed piece of abaca tissue. The colours look better in real life but you get an idea of how it looks.

Marbling Inks on Cotton

This was my attempt at marbling on fabric.

Marbling Inks on Cotton

....... and another piece. This was messy but the results are quite nice. Rather than go through the mess again I think I may play with this on PSP and print on fabric. The marbling inks change the hand of the fabric which I don't like. Printing it on fabric will be better.


Sandy said...

Nice experiments. SAndy

MargaretR said...

Glad to have you back Carol. "The marbling inks change the hand of the fabric which I don't like." I find they also smell for ages.

Lise said...

Unknown techniques for me, but the blue marbling inks looks just beautiful!!

Maureen said...

I very much like your dyed fabrics!
The most dyeing I do is confined to silk ribbons!
Did you use the shaving cream method for your marbling,or a more sophisticated method?

p.s. Thankyou for reminding me to use "windows"

Gina said...

I love the marbling Carol - not something I've ever attempted. I'm very impressed!

Candi said...

wow! Those are awesome! I'm new at fabric dyeing and those are amazing.

Deb H said...

Very pretty. I love the last one especially. I've done marbeling before. It is messy, but fun if you can do it in the back yard on a sunny day with a good friend.

larin said...

The marbling is beautiful! I like the bright colors of the dye also.

I know you've been very busy, but can I get your address so I can send you a Valentine? Thanks! --LaRinda :-)

Carol said...

Larin, I emailed my addy a couple of weeks ago and have tried emailing you recently without success. I saw an email about your email problems on LMA so I will repost my last email to your new address.