Sunday, 9 March 2008

TIF March Challenge

I still have to upload my January and February TIF challenge pictures. I will when I find the cable for my camera. With all the upheaval in the house whilst we have been decorating I have put things in safe places - so safe I can't find them! We just finished redecorating the en suite shower room. That's nearly every room in the house has been redecorated over the past couple of months - at least that's the spring cleaning done!

I cleared out a lot of stuff - freecycle is wonderful. We still have more clearing out to do but I think we need to have a little rest for now. My classes have 2 weeks left to run, it has flown by. They don't start again until September which gives me a nice amount of time without any teaching commitments. I have been inundated with requests to teach but I am too busy with course work for now to take on any further commitments.

I have started an online class with Laura Cater-Woods. I have just started this class but will post pictures as I progress.

For March I have focussed on the little things in life. I was playing around in Painter and Paint Shop Pro with safety pins. I may do a little more work on this before I transfer it to fabric.

In the meantime I have been busy with my Judging course. I have completed most of Module 4 - all my samples and write ups are done. I managed to fill two folders and could have filled many more but I had to stop somewhere. I just have three quilts to write up, I have chosen them I just have the writing to do.


Sandy said...

You certainly have been busy. That's a nice TIF piece. SAndy

MargaretR said...

You are a very busy lady, but it's lovely to have you back. You are really missed.

Dianne said...

That's cool!! It already looks like it's on fabric....