Friday, 11 July 2008

Easy Screen Printing

Whilst I was in my studio I thought I would try some easy screen printing. This is a great way of screen printing if you want quick results. If you are not sure about drawing your design - or like me want something quick and easy to try out different media - you can stamp your design on paper. I use freezer paper but cartridge paper works just as well.

Once the design is stamped onto the paper using a craft knife (I use a scalpel as it's sharper and I get a better result) cut out your design. As you can see I have left one uncut to let you see what the stamp looked like. I just used an ordinary ink pad for paper.

I taped my fabric to the table - which was covered with a drape cloth and plastic covering. I had my screen and squeegee at the ready. I like this squeegee as it's nice and firm. I laid the cut out paper on top of the fabric with the screen on top ready for the paint. The reason for my experiment was to try some fabric medium I bought which can be used with acrylic paint. On its own acrylic paint can leave the fabric quite hard so I wanted to see what the effect the medium had.

Here it is after the first pass. I am waiting for it to dry before adding more designs. The fabric is my own hand dyed cotton which I thought would make a good background.

Once you have used finished the paper sticks to the silk screen but it is easily removed with water. The screen needs to be cleaned right away otherwise the acrylic can stick in the little holes of the silk screen. More later as I add more "layers" to the piece.

Update on the bargain paints: I found they left a "rubbery" feel to the fabric which might be difficult to stitch. When I try stitching it I will let you know how it goes.


MargaretR said...

Hi Carol, just been catching up with your blog. Can I borrow Norman for a few days, see if all this rubs off on Emyr? He's very supportive but I don't see him showing an interest in paints and stuff for me :)
I love the screen printing idea. I use newspaper to do something similar. I'm off for a few days play next week and I wasn't quite sure what to take with me. Now I think you have inspired me to take my screen printing stuff! Thanks once more for the inspiration.

Tonniece said...

Love your background material and the prints are lovely Carol.

Dianne said...

This is really gorgeous, I still can't work out the prosses in my head. I must see it done to grasp it. Thats how my mind works LOL..
Hopefully I'll get a chance to see you create in person:):)

Sandy said...

Oh, you have given me a good idea for my journal class. I like what you have done with the screening.