Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Digital Cyanotypes using PSP

I have been busy playing with Paint Shop Pro again. I love cyanotypes but don't always have the chemicals or pre treated fabrics around when I want to make them.

You can recreate cyanotypes digitally. I use Paint Shop Pro - since I did my City & Guilds course using this software I am more familiar with it than Photoshop which I sometimes use. The picture above is my original, and .....

here is the result. I have written a tutorial which you can find at the left hand side of this blog. I am off to play some more.


Sandy said...

I like that method better than having chemicals around. It's a nice tree.

Sandy said...

Thanks Carol, my DH recently uploaded PSP XI when he changed all my computer stuff to a laptop. I wasn't aware you could go to a timeline effect window.I will have to have a further look at what it can do.

I have wanted to do cyanotypes, but i know if I bought already dipped fabric, then I would prevaricate til I got "just the right image"! my friend said she did that and found that her fabric had expired, and would no longer take an image. with this method, you could try out things before deciding whether or not you wanted to do it.

Sandy in the UK
must be more than just Sandy's out there interested!!

Dianne said...

Look how pretty it looks blue like
french toile, and it would be your won tree, very cool.. and anothe tutorial your a sweetheart..