Saturday, 29 November 2008

EQ6 Quilt Project

Butterflies with a Twist

I love butterflies and twisted log cabin blocks and so I have combined the two in this new quilt design. Coupled with my favourite purple/green combination it makes for a rather lovely quilt don't you think?

If you have Electric Quilt 6 you can download the project file HERE.

I have decided to make the last quilt design I posted the other day. Now I just have to choose the correct fabric/colours for it. A trip to Kaleidoscope next week I think.

One of my students brought me a pheasant on Thursday, she is so kind. I am thinking of doing something a little different with it since I bought some lovely herbs/spices online from Seasoned Pioneers. I tried some of them with the tagine the other day and the aromas were fabulous - the taste was divine too - Ras-en Hanout was the mixed spice I used and the mixture from seasoned pioneers was lovely, I particularly liked the rosebuds in it.

It's very cold here today, my fingers were frozen when I went out to fill the bird feeders. I think I will stay home and play. I am off for a hot chocolate and home made blueberry muffin.

Thank you for dropping by.


Anonymous said...

Like the purples and the muffin & hot chocolate sound inviting - especially as it's minus 5 in Aberdeen. Isn't it great to be able to get back to your own projects after the last two years:)

teodo said...

Thanks for the download.

I like the Design that you have choosen........and now do you think to dye or to buy the fabrics?

ciao ciao

Sandy said...

Another lovely quilt design. The muffin sounds good.

Tonniece said...

Very Lovely Carol

Carol said...

Thank you ladies, Fiona -5 sounds cold and I bet it is. We still have frost here today but I need to go out nevertheless.

To dye or not to dye - I think I will made the quilt with commercial fabrics.

Dianne said...

See knew you could do anything:):)
Love the purple and green too.
Pheasant well we really don't eat them here too much. I saw so many dead ones on the road last time I was in England it just made me sad.
Crazy I know.....