Sunday, 9 August 2009

Chim Chiminey, Chim Chiminey .......

Chim, Chim, Cher -roo (or something like that).

My vision is complete! I envisioned the bench area with a Chiminea and here it is. Of course we had to light it to get the full effect but it might have been better in the evening but I couldn't wait!

I am busy in the studio working on my class projects as September is looming ever closer.

There will be an open week for all the adult education classes that Currie Community High School, Edinburgh are offering. They start from 14-17th September. My Patchwork & Quilting taster sessions are Monday 14 September 2pm - 4pm and Thursday 17 September 2pm - 4pm. I will have a display of some of the work I teach in class and I will also be offering a short hands on class on how to make fabric postcards - I will bring everything you need to make a start on the front of the fabric postcards and you can easily finish them at home.

If you would like to drop in you will be made very welcome.

Term dates/times for the new session are as follows:

Term 1 - 21 September 2009 - 16 November 2009
Term 2 - 23 November 2009 - 25 January 2009
Term 3 - 1 February 2010 - 29 March 2010

There is a 4th term but I don't teach after April (I like having the summer to recharge my batteries and work on new ideas for the next term).

If you are interested in coming to one of my classes you can call 0131 449 5922 to enrol.


Amanda Sheridan said...

It looks lovely. Just in time for the cooler late summer evenings.

Dotti said...

I love the special little space you have created in your garden.

Sandy said...

It looks so cozy-a wonderful place to relax. You will sure be busy once school starts.

Nazapatch said...

hi Carol... thanks for the information about your classes.
I'll be there