Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Quilt top finished

I finished the quilt top today. It went together very well. I took some of yesterdays blocks apart as some of the points weren't quite right. I decided to change the design yet again. As I was putting it together I played around with the blocks and I liked the way they looked in this design.

I just need to give it a good press then layer and quilt it. I shall leave it for a little while as I decide show best to quilt it. I think a little free motion would work well. Hmmmm!

Now I must get to work on the "leaves" quilt and get some kits together for my taster sessions as Currie Community High School in September. I have plenty of time but it's good to get them organised well in advance.


Dotti said...

I love the movement in your quilts lately. Rather than having individual blocks that move... such as pinwheels.....your whole quilt spins! The color placement catches the eye and draws it in!


Sandy said...

Nice quilt. It has so much movement.

Margo in Maine said...