Saturday, 2 January 2010

Latte Blocks 3 and 4

I have managed to get another four Latte Quilt blocks made. The photographs aren't great as I have them stacked on top of each other and you can see the shadow of the blocks underneath but I think you can see what I have been busy with.

I have to say I am learning so much from making this quilt and I am glad I started it. I now have eight blocks made (two of each of the four designs). I think it's time to decide which of the blocks I want to make another two of. Whilst some are quicker and a little easier to make and stitch I think I will make another two of the Parasole block that I made earlier. I really like that block and although it takes a little longer to stitch it will be worth it in the end. I could take the simpler/quicker option and make an easier block but I would regret it in the end.

We have had more snow today - I wonder when it will end, soon I hope.

Take care if you are out and about. Our roads haven't been gritted and the pavements are like sheets of ice - we have kept ours cleared as my back will testify. If only everyone did theirs then things would be much better especially for the elderly and young children but no they don't all clear their paths or their drives!

Someone decided it was a good idea to use our drive to turn around on New Years Eve and what a job we had getting the compacted snow from their wheel tracks away the following day - funny how they didn't think of clearing their own! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!


maggi said...

These blocks are turning out so well.

Someone did that to my drive as well the other week before I could clear it in the morning - I actually slipped on their wheel tracks.

I think that some people are reluctant to clear their drives because if someone then slips on any ice they can be sued! (or am I just giving them the benefit of the doubt?)

Sandy said...

Nice blocks. We've only had one day of snow when I couldn't get out.