Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tote Design

I bought some lovely Japanese fabric together with a plain to match - I can't remember what project I had in mind for it now. I have decided to make a tote using the plain fabric and some of my kaleidoscope designs from Kaleidoscope Kreator. It will be a nice quick project to work on whilst my Late quilt embroidery is busy stitching.

I took the photograph I used last summer and it has worked out beautifully. It is designed in Electric Quilt by importing the images from KK3.


SewCalGal said...

I love the look. Beautiful colors. Fun to play with Kaleidoscope Kreator and EQ6 together too!


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Wow, Darlene (SewCalGal) just e-mailed me the link to your blog post. Absolutely beautiful. I'm new to EQ and I was wondering about the kateidoscope software. You make it very tempting :)


Pat said...

I really love that Japanese fabric with the plain. That is going to be a beautiful tote.

Elma in Lochwinnoch said...

Fabulous, Carol------you have inspired me! I really must make more use of KK which I have on the 'puter!
So much to do so little time to do it.............I wish there were more hours in the day LOL!

Sandy said...

That's going to be a beautiful tote and get compliments every time you use it.

MargaretR said...

Beautiful colours there Carol and I'm sure it will make a lovely tote.