Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Digital Photography - Lesson 5

I have been busy working away on Lesson 5 of the photography course with Jessica.  Lesson 5 focused (excluse the pun) on shutter speed and shutter priority.   Having never before moved the dial on the camera from Auto this was a real eye opener for me.    I have to say I haven't returned the camera to auto.

The assignment was to take 3 "frozen moments".   This sounds easier than it was.

 I spent a day at the Falls of Clyde.   A 5 hour walk which was delightful.  The above photograph was one of many I took that day.   I had good feedback on this one and learned a lot about what I should have done!    So many things to think about it's easy to forget but I guess the more I do the better I will become.  

We saw nesting Peregrine Falcons which was fabulous.    It was a lovely day weatherwise although one minute we had bright sunshine and the other it was overcast - great exercise on lighting a shot.

Although the swan was far away I used my 55-200 mm telephoto lens for this shot. This was taken at the Falls of Clyde much further up the river.   

By the end of the week when the photographs were due to be uploaded to the group for critique I wasn't sure I had good enough photographs and so I went out and about around the Murieston trail in the hope of getting a good photograph.   Just as I was about to head for home having not managed to photograph anything suitable for this lesson two ducks appeared on the river.  

I really had to be very quiet and managed to get a couple of photographs that I could have used but this was the best.   Two seconds later the ducks flow away and the moment was lost.

I am not sure about bonding with my camera just yet but whilst I was out and about during the week with my camera I certainly made a friend with this horse.  It was very curious and literally posed for me to take photographs.    I got a few but this is the best.

  I didn't choose this as one of my photographs to upload for my class but I love it nevertheless.

I haven't had time to work on Lesson 6 yet.  Well I did a little work but it's not very good.   We are decorating the hall which is a big job as we have upstairs so the stair well is a bit tricky to do - and high - but we aare getting there with it.    We still have a lot of work to do so photography will have to take a back seat for a while although hopefully I will manage to get some images for the next lesson.

I managed to get 2/3 of the 7th block of the Latte quilt stitched.  This was a block that I was sure I wouldn't manage - the hooping looked too difficult.   I managed it OK and when the decorating is finished - or maybe whilst we wait for the wallpaper to arrive - I will get the block completed.

More later.


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Elma in Lochwinnoch said...

Fabulous photos!

I would love to try a course like this but do not have the courage!!

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