Saturday, 24 September 2011

Do you wonder where the time goes.  These past few months I have been busy preparing for classes to start.  Well they started last week.  Wow.  After my gap year I wondered if anyone would sign up.  I needn't have worried both classes as full with a waiting list.  sadly this means a few of my regular ladies missed the boat and haven't managed to register.  

Admin at school handle all enrolments so it is out of my control.   It is sad to not see them but we have new students who are also new to quilting which is very exciting. 

I have been busy working on a hand applique, hand quilted cushion.  A project that was relaxing and helped when things were getting a little hectic.  It does take a while to get back in the groove but I think I have done that already.  So much so I feel I haven't been away.

Here's the cushion:

 and here is the picture I took for inspiration for colour choice.

 Off to make the evening meal.


Sandy said...

You sure have been busy. Nice cushion.

Coleen said...

I love the cushion!