Thursday, 24 October 2013

Forget Me Knot

I have just finished reading Forget me Knot by Mary Marks.  It is a wonderful mystery.  I love how quilting was interspersed with the murder mystery. I enjoyed all the little quips like the reference to Poirot.  I also liked the detail of quilting like how Martha used an 11 needle to stitch.  Something I use myself.  It was full of intrigue with many twists and turns.  It started when Martha Rose, the main character, and two of her quilting budies went to the home of a fellow quilter, Claire Terry,  and found her dead.  Although the police were involved in the search for the murderer Martha just couldn't help getting involved.   I loved the idea of the quilts telling the story of Claire's life. At risk of her own life being taken Martha continued her search for the person who killed Claire. Very clever using the French knots to guide Martha to the killer.   It certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.  I look forward to reading more from Mary Marks.  If you love a mystery and enjoy quilting this is a book for you.