Friday, 30 June 2006

Discharge results....

I know how keen you are to see these Pat so I thought I would post them before I stop for the night.

I used Jaquard discharge paste on both pieces. I used a stamp for this sample.

I used a stencil for this sample. I think I need to take a little more care when applying the paste as it has smudged a little. UnLess of course I use a temporary spray adhesive on the stencil. That would help keep it flat on the fabric. I didn't think of that at the time I was woo anxious to get going. I have only ever discharged using household bleach so this was a learning exercise before I embark on something bigger.

The fabrics are in the washing machine at the moment. Once that has finished I shall put them in another dye colour - complementary colours perhaps?
I will leave them in the dye overnight and see what surprises lie in store tomorrow morning. This is exciting!

I think I had better go and make dinner for that long suffering hubby of mine .

I placed an order for some Speedball screen printing supplies. I may use the same designs I have used on these samples to screen print on top using different colours of fabric paint. That depends how successfull these samples are of course ..................