Monday, 12 June 2006

The garden is progressing.....

We have all but finished re-arranging the garden. Yesterday I spent a while potting up plants and tidying up a little more. It was presentable enough for us to have a BBQ last night.

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. The sun has brought my arms out in lots of little spots - I had sunscreen on so I am not sure what has caused them - they look awful and itch like crazy.

The kitchen fitters are here as I write taking the new tiles off the wall. The "tiler" they sent has made such a "good" job of putting them on they are taking the plasterboard off as they remove the tiles. I guess they have a bigger job on their hands than they expected - well they were told the day after the tiler left just what a mess he had made! Thankfully it's not our problem. When did I learn to be so laid back?

On a better note the log cabin is due to arrive this afternoon. YIPPPEEE! I can't wait to see it in place so guess what we will be doing this next little while.

I have been busy will Module 1 of my course. I am learning sooooooo much about Paint Shop Pro X. I am thoroughly enjoying using it.

I have been busy painting and drawing again and generally getting back to my creative self. It's been a while what with one thing and another. It feels good. I will post some of my line samples if I can take good enough pictures.

The clematis I moved is still with us! I can't believe it survived but it seems to have. The grass seeds are germinating and I swear I could actually see it grow when I checked on it this morning. It's such a wonderful feeling watching something you have planted grow. It always makes me feel good.

I have added to my Doing Small Things quilt top. I just need to add some embroidery Listen = Silent which is my theme. I will layer and quilt next weekend as I won't have time this week. I need to check the deadline for this piece. Kate's RR fabric is on the design wall and I have had a few ideas but nothing firm yet. I still need to think about that.

We had rain last night and this morning and the air is just so fresh right now. At least it's not as hot as it has been - thank goodness.