Thursday, 29 June 2006

Life is just wonderful ........

Double Petunia
I have to say these past few weeks have been just wonderful. The sun has been shining and all is right with my world. I spent a rather lovely day yesterday helping my darling husband with the electrics to the log cabin. Poor guy had such a job getting the cable from the loft in the house down to ground level to take it to the LC. He was busy ALL day yesterday and this morning - there was light!!!! He is such a wonderful man, so clever and talented, I am so terribly fortunate to be married to him.

I was also busy planting up some new little treasures in the front garden. I also created a little "cottage" garden right next to my new studio in the garden.


Celosia are very fine feathery plants. The colours are just stunning. Bright reds, pinks, orange and pale pastel shades. The garden is looking gorgeous despite all the work we have been doing. At last it is back to normal again. I also planted some Salvia but they have yet to bloom.

Whilst on my walk last Autumn I brought home a cutting from a Budleii (the butterfly plant - which is very appropriate since I love butterflies) and it is growing extremely well just in front of my kitchen window. Despite there being no flowers as yet, there are buds, I saw a butterfly arrive on it yesterday afternoon!! I can watch these beautiful creatures as I do my baking.

I finally got Kate's round robin fabric sent off today to Carol in Wales. I took a couple of photographs as you can see. It is cotton velveteen, hand painted by pole wrapping in greens and blues. I stamped leaves on it using Stewart Gill Metamica paint in Rich Bronze. Since there are another two ladies who have to add to the fabric I didn't do too much to it. This is the first time I have used cotton velveteen and the first time I have added to someone else's fabric. It was quite daunting but I enjoyed doing it. I just hope Kate likes what I have done.

I have Diane's fabric on my design wall. It's a gorgeous piece in pale pinks and yellow. Kate has already stencilled it with green - now what should I add? I have a few ideas going over in my mind but I hope to do some trial pieces on a batik in similar colours before I embark on Diane's piece.

Cloth, Paper and Scissors magazine has arrived this morning so I am off for a coffee and a read before I meet friends for lunch.


Dianne said...

The leaves look great, it makes it look like the leaves falling in the Fall rain. No daughting thoughts for this additon.
I can't wait to see what you add to a Diane's piece, you'll work your magic and poof it will be there..