Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Taking a break .....

DH and I were up at the crack of dawn and started laying the cable for the log cabin. I helped him dig a little trench for the cable to lie under the crazy paving. I had to come inside as I was being eaten alive by midges. Despite putting on jungle formula repellant the little devils still bite! I think they like my blood group as Norman doesn't get bitten at all.

I thought I would post a couple of photographs I took the other day of my first attempt at using Pebeo Setacolor Soleil fabric paints. I think I mentioned before, although I may have deleted the post when I was housekeeping!, that when moving my things to the log cabin I was sorting out my paints and found a bottle of the sun print paint.

I had only recently read an article about the paints in one of the art quilting magazines and thought the next time I visited the art shop I would get some to try. I think DH must have brought it in for me on one of his travels as I cannot remember buying it. He's good like that always bringing in things he thinks I might like to try. Anyway I painted a piece of PFD white cotton, added some leaves from the Flame of the Forrest, and left it to do it's job. As you can see from the first photograph the only piece of plastic I could find to lay the fabric on was a Morrisons shopping bag. When I removed the fabric when it was dry and removed the leaves I was quite suprised to see that some of the prnting from the bag had been sun printed onto the fabric! Lesson learned. Unless of course I WANTED lettering on my fabric. I now have a piece of clear plastic for my next attempt . The sun hasn't appeared as yet today so I will have to wait to have another try.

Here's the log cabin now that everything is in place - including the roses and cat!

My Blue Point Siamese, Sirikit, has certainly made herself at home. Since her mate, Pepe, died last year she has followed me everywhere. She is almost 16 years old now and getting a little slow. I was busy sorting out my shear fabric and it as nice to have her there with me. It's hard to get her to come in at night she seems to just love being in there.

Since the above photograph was taken I have tidied up and re-organised and my space is looking good. The fabric I ordered yesterday should arrive tomorrow and so the weekend is ear marked for some experimental work. I have a busy few days ahead so will not have much "play" time.

DH and I are off to Toys R Us later today to get a gift for a little boy who is in hospital. He is so dear to my heart and I hate to see him in there again. We will spend a good few hours in there today as it has soooooooo many wonderful things to choose from. We will change our minds a dozen times - or buy him a dozen things, which is far more likely.