Monday, 26 June 2006

Carefree Days.........

Whilst we were out shopping today these standard roses were on sale for 1/2 price (£7.00 each) so I bought two. I have repotted them into stone pots and I have them sitting either side of the log cabin. They look just stunning. It has been such a wonderful day and the name of the roses just says it all "Carefree Days" so I just had to have them. That's just how I feel today ........... carefree.

We went to Costco to get another set of plastic drawers so that I can have additional storage in the log cabin. They only had blue and I am afraid I won't have blue in there. The other two are grey and white and I think it would have looked out of place. However I did get a medium sized and a small table which mean we didn't need to go to IKEA. They fit beautifully and don't take up too much space - just right. We went out for lunch and it was wonderful.

I did some blueprinting today. It wasn't as windy as it has been and the sun is shining. These are just sample pieces as I wasn't sure if I had the ratio of chemicals right. I did. Now I want to try blueprinting on coloured fabric. That would mean I could have green leaves instead of everything being white. Well that's the theory whether it will work or not time will tell. I may try tomorrow if it's sunny.

They are all the same fabric but they seem to have photographed differently, not sure why that is.

Speaking of fabric I couldn't believe I was so low on fabric for dyeing and painting etc. I used up a lot when I had the dyes ready for the round robin. I used about all I had. Today I ordered some more from Howard at Wolfin Textiles in London.

I have bought my fabric from him since I started fabric dying.

The prices are good and service is second to none. I usually buy white cotton, a lovely weight MS1, I thought I might try some different fabrics this time and so I am going to try his white Poplin and also some soft voile both white both 100% cotton. So 15 metres of the MS1 and 5 metres each of the Poplin and Voile. I don't suppose that will last me long but it will do for now.

I put the table and umbrella and chairs out in the garden and I think we might have a BBQ this evening just for a change. I do so love eating outdoors.

Wimbledon starts today and of course it rained in London - it always seems to rain Wimbledon fortnight. I shall watch a little of the highlights if they managed to get any games played.

DH is busy sorting out his trains in the garage this afternoon. At last I managed to encourage him to get some industrial shelving for in there. We moved his trains onto them and they look so good. My goodness they are heavy - 300 lbs. His work is just so beautiful. They are 5" and 3 1/2" gauge steam engines which he runs at New Liston House on the track they have there specially built for the Edinburgh Society of Model Engineers which he is a member of. I am happier now they are safe and out of harms way. I think he is too.


Dianne said...

I lovvvvve these prints off the leaves gorgeours, so is the cabin. Its cool the cat loves it too, funny. Oh and that DH who is exactly like a grrrreat scottish lass should be.. I love to read your blog its makes me feel like I'm there, thanks for sharing..

Dianne said...

What a nutter I am, I was drifting off to see last night and woke right up and thought, your DH is a Lad or Laddie, not a Lass. Then I figured you minght give ya little chuckle over tea:):)

Carol said...

Hi Dianne,

I knew what you meant, not to worry although you did make me smile.

I will post pictures from my studio in the garden window for you tomorrow.