Saturday, 24 June 2006

RR Fabric is done ....... at last!

I took some photographs of the three Clematis that are in bloom in my garden this morning. This was the second one to blossom and it has many flowers already and as you can see still more to come. I love the colours in this.

This Clematis is prolific and grow right up and around the tall conifer it is planted beside.

This little beauty is the one I moved when building the log cabin. It is flourishing, much to my delight. I was sure it would have died and I wouldn't see it's beauty until next year. Isn't it just gorgeous?

I have had some lovely feedback about both my blog and website for which I thank those that have been in touch. My website was my first attempt and I really want to do something a bit different and more personal with it. I am busy learning PSP and Photoshop and hopefully I can design something myself. Time will tell.

Well I did it! I finally added my layer to Kate's RR fabric. I have agonised over this piece for weeks. I even took pictures into PSP and added layers of what I thought I would do. It didn't help much as I couldn't get the colours right in PSP they looked so different to the actual piece. It was a learning experience in itself so that's a plus. I had an idea of what I would do when I went out to the studio this morning - in the end I used a different coloured paint, Stewart Gill bronze metallic and I stamped instead of stencilled. It's drying at the moment. I will post a picture when it has dried.

I have tormented myself with this piece for such a long time. I just wanted to get it right. I have never done anything to anyone else's work before and I found it quite daunting. I almost gave up before the RR started. I emailed Marion (who started the RR) and said I didn't feel I was either confident or knowledgeable enough to take part. She was brilliant and said the best way to tackle my "crisis of confidence" was to take part but that she would coach me if I wanted. I may well take her up on her offer before the RR is over but her offer was enough to encourage me to take part after all. I just hope Kate likes what I have done. The words in her journal were ringing in my ears this morning before I started on her piece. She wrote at the end of her entry "dive right in" and so that's just what I did, sort of, I was a little cautious.

Now I need to add my entry to Kate's journal and then post the fabric off to the next one on the list. This is just so exciting and perhaps I can begin to enjoy the process now that I have taken the first steps.

Now what will I do to Diane's piece ....... I have to the end of July to decide .