Friday, 23 June 2006


I was busy doing some housekeeping on the Pc and laptop and decided to do the same with my new blog. I guess I did too much! I may put some of the pictures back again but here are some new ones. We stopped over in Iceland for a few days on the way back from the US. We took some stunning photographs, well DH did mine aren't so great, but here are some of mine:

This was a scary moment. I was so high up and the edge was really crumbly - it was worth it though. I have to say it was more scary in real life than it looks from the picture.

This was really cute. I always try and visit a botanic garden if I can. I love plants and flowers and take pictures of them all the time.

I waited and waited for this geiser to blow it's top! What a wonderful experience it was to see it. I remember when we were in Lanzarote and the tour guide poured some water down a hole and it rose skywards with great force. This was a little different as it couldn't be done "on demand".

Today I cut the grass. I love being in the garden tending to the plants. The clematis are flowering and I must take some photographs. I have three difference varieties in bloom at the moment with a further 4 or 5 which will bloom at different times throughout the summer. I would like to say I planned it that way but I choose them for their blooms!

I transferred more paints etc to the log cabin from my sewing studio. I have a sewing machine in there as well. DH is about ready to put in the electrics.

The postcard workshop was great on Wednesday. We covered a huge amount of topics. They have asked for another workshop next year promising they will have postcards made for my visit.

My friend and I have been discussing embossing powders today. We have found a great source for them and have bought a few gorgeous colours to try.

It's already mid afternoon and I have so much I want to get done - so much to do and so little time. Is it just me or is time going by more quickly?