Thursday, 1 June 2006

Log Cabin

We did it. DH has ordered a log cabin for me for the back garden so that I can dye and paint fabric and generally make a mess without worrying about leaving a mess in the house or, as I have been doing lately, clearing up after me whilst working in the garage.

I have been busy designing, in my head, a quilt for the Doing Small Things challenge on QuiltArt. The idea is that we all do small things to help others. I was thinking my theme would be based on the word Listen. To listen is to think. Listen = Silent. I thought that was quite cool. I recenty laid a new carpet in my newly remodelled kitchen and I love the design - squares and rectangles in earth tones. I think I will base my quilt on that design. Up until a couple of days go I wasn't quite sure what I would be doing but I think this idea is a goer.

I will post pictures later as the design progresses.