Friday, 2 June 2006

Round Robin

This is the view from my studio window which I used as the source for my Round Robin hand dyed fabric.

I am participating in a complex cloth round robin with one of the online groups I am a member of. This is the fabric I sent off. There are four of us in the group and I am looking forward to seeing what others have done to it when it comes back from its travels. Each of us adds something different and passes it on to the next person in the group. We are also writing up a journal of the processes - great fun! I am waiting for Kate's piece to arrive from Cyprus. I have seen a picture of it already and it looks quite stunning.

I hand dyed the cotton using the low immersion technique and procion MX dyes. These are not the usual colours I work with but wanted to try something a little different in the way of colour.

I also tried hand painting with dye for the frst time but wasn't sure the results were good enough to send to my RR group. I will take some pictures of the results and post them later. I really enjoyed painting with dye but I really need to experiment some more with the technique.

Today I am going to experiment with lettering for the Doing Small Things quilt. Stencilling, printing on fabric perhaps even screen printing if I have the time although I think I need some new chemicals for that.

I have chosen the fabrics for the Doing Small Things quilt- batiks in earth tones with a touch of blue. I am still working out the shapes and colour placement. Hopefully I will get that done today.

We are hoping to get some more done on the foundations for the Log Cabin in the back garden. I already have a few things ready to put in there when it's built. All my fabric dyes and paints and things like that. I am really excited about spending the summer working in there.

I finally bit the bullet and put dates in the diary to teach at my friend Sara's new shop. I have decided to have the summer to myself so all my teaching stars in late September. I just have a couple of workshops planned before then but I will have the whole of the summer to play and work on class samples for the new term.

I need some retail therapy so will pop in to see Sarah for a coffee and a chat -what joy!

I received an email today to say the pictures of my March/April/May Journal Quilts have been received at Houston for the JQ challenge. I used my two samples from my Creating Computing into Stitched Textiles, Level 1, City & Guilds course which I have just completed as my April/May Journals.

I used Paint Shop Pro to create the designs - a first for me and I loved doing it. Actually I loved it so much I have just signed up to do Level 2! I am taking this course online with Design Matters the tutor is Marie Roper I will keep you posted on my progress. I can't wait to get started.

I just received the password for the latest Workshop on the Web. The techniques look really interesting once again! So much to do ......... not enough time!