Tuesday, 6 June 2006

The View from the Studio Door ......

The book by that name arrived this morning. I saw a recommendation for it on the ArtQuilt list and ordered it together with Art and Fear by Ted Orland.

Just did mundane housewifey things yesterday - the house is looking spotless! How long will that last. The weather is gorgeous here today and I am sitting in the garden writing. The birds are in full voice.

I didn't get much in the way of sewing done yesterday but I did receive the password for my City & Guilds l Level 2 course and I had a quick look through Module 1. Tried to sneek a peak at Modules 2 through 10 as well but true to their word I can't access them until I complete the previous module.

My tutor has been in touch which is great. I have a good feeling about this course already!

I am working a lot on my laptop these days and so DH has set up a network drive for me in order that I can save my work there and access it from my laptop or pc - can I do the same with my email? Something to think about. Isn't wireless wonderful?

I am working on "line" in Paint Shop Pro X (C&G course work) and so DH and I are off to Falkirk this afternoon to take some photographs of the Falkirk Wheel - it's a beautiful piece of engineering. I will post pictures later.

We will be out and about more now I have started a course again. I need some new source material - something quite different from what I have been using in my work and I am excited at getting started. I am thinking architecture this time - normally I do flowers or trees (did that to death in my C&G P&Q Part 2 course).

I am continuing to make mental notes on Kate's RR fabric. It hasn't "spoken" to me yet but it will I am sure. I still have plenty time.

I received an email from Rainbow Silks. They have a new sunprinting set available using Pebeo paints specifically for sunprinting. I have some Pebeo paints and since it's such a gorgeous day I thought I might try them out. It would be a great experimental piece for my June Journal Quilt.

DH gave me a large selection of old CDs now I have no excuse NOT to try out altered CDs. We have guests coming today so I won't get much else done for a little while.

I had some empty emails from Yahoo Groups this morning - strange! I am sure it will work itself out.

Annie Copeland posted that the deadline is approaching for Doing Small Things - I had better get that quilt done! No more procrastinating - I want to get it finished. That's a priority. Why do I keep finding other things to do? I know that once I make a proper start on it I will finish it quickly - that's how I work. I mull things around in my head for ages and then - whoosh - it's done! I hope that's the case this time.

The garden is beckoning me ......... no sewing today then!