Sunday, 4 June 2006

I'm exhausted.........

Well another day has gone by and I still haven't managed to get near my sewing machine. The Doing Small Things quilt fabric still lies untouched..... however .... the foundations are laid for the Log Cabin. DH is putting the final touches in place as I write.

We moved some paving flags from one part of the garden to be used for the base and I levelled and put down some grass seeds. That will make a nice area for sitting out.

I did some research on Oleander leaves today. Kate's fabric has Oleander leaves on it (sunprinted). Since I didn't know what they were I thought I would do some detective work. I learned they are extremely poisonous, can cause heart trouble! The flowers of the Oleander are gorgeous and come in a few colours although I like the pink ones. I have a few ideas running through my head now which I shall ponder for a little while longer. Sometimes I ccan go for ages and no ideas come to my head and then I get one idea and loads more come into my head - my problem then is which one to use.

It has been a lovely day here thankfully not as sunny as it was yesterday which meant it was nicer to work outside.

My little siamese cat, Sirikit, had a couple of wobbles today. She's almost 16 and is beginning to show her age, poor little mite. I think I might take her to the vet and have her checked over.

I need to go make the evening meal for that hard working man of mine and then I can relax after working so hard in the garden. My muscles ache in places I never knew I had mucles......

I want to do some Altered CDs. They look so cool. I have some vintage photographs now I just need the time to make a couple. I love working on small things.