Saturday, 22 July 2006

The Church and Fishermen

This is the carpet in the church which is built right next to the ruins of the priory.
I am not sure how old the carpet is but it's old. The design and colours are gorgeous don't you think?

This was one of the many treasures to be found in the church.

Outside was one of the most beautiful Celtic crosses I think I have ever seen. The detail was quite incredible.

As you can see from one of the many photographs I took of the stonework the designs were all around the cross and each one different. The time it must have taken to deisgn and create this I cannot imagine.

Such beauty it was a privilige indeed to see it and enjoy it.
The island has a strong fishing heritage and way out at see a father and son were heading off for their days fishing. It was so calm and quiet as we sat looking out to sea enjoying the day we heard the son call out "anchors up Dad", that's how we knew it was father and son. I took this with a long lense just as they were tying up the little motor boat that took them out to their fishing boat.

On the harbours edge were upturned boats that had been made into fishing huts. I imagine the fishermen keeps their nets and tools in these. There were about a dozen of them lined up.

We saw these as we walked to the fort which lay a little bit away from the main priory.

None of them were open so we couldn't see inside.

Altogether we had a wonderful day. Today I am resting! Posted by Picasa