Monday, 3 July 2006

Rust ..... hopefully!

I was intrigued by Dianne's rust piece on her blog that I just had to try it. DH brought me some washers from Metal Supermart this afternoon and I have wrapped them in some of my new cotton Voile. I didn't have any malt vinegar so he brought me some of that back as well.

Here they are sitting in the malt vinegar. I shall keep an eye on them and hope they rust.

I couldn't wait to try this so DH gave me some bits of metal from his scrap box (he tells me they WILL rust). I wrapped the bits in cotton voile and since I didn't have malt vinegar I did have some white vinegar so hopefully it will work, we shall see. Oh! and there are little bits of herb in there since I only had a little white vinegar I did find some malt vinegar with added herb (can't remember which one) so perhaps that will transfer colour as well. Nothing ventured!