Monday, 17 July 2006

Rust No 2

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the silk drying on the clothes line it looked so gorgeous. The rust technique looks so good on the silk. I might try the cotton again though as I would like to get that to work. I need to be a little more patient with it. You live and learn.

I just love the designs that have been produced from the train wheel (I only used one larger wheel with this piece). I haven't ironed it yet it's just too hot to put the iron on today.
Here it is on the floor of my studio. I really love this piece. The colour is good and there is so much design on it.

I mentioned a day or two ago that if one of these pieces turned out OK I would make it my July Journal Quilt. I think this piece is the one I will use. A new to me technique fits nicely into what I am doing with my journal quilts.

Now I am off to do a little more work on my Doing Small Things challenge quilt. I have the top pieced but need to applique some shear fabrics onto it and now that I have learned to do some screen printing I want to add a little of that too.

I never did find the Bright ..... whatever it was called. In the end I cleaned the filler from the screen with soda ash. It worked just fine. I now have a clean screen to work with for my Doing Small Things challenge quilt.

First I need to check in with my Quilt University students. Etui started on Saturday and they are a lovely bunch of ladies. Posted by Picasa


Dianne said...

Hey Girly
The rust looks fabulous, that silk all wrapped looks almost yummy:):)
I'll have to get some silk to try,,
Don't know when I'll go out, its in the 40C with the humidity, scary....