Monday, 17 July 2006

Rust Dyeing and my Doll's Progress

I couldn't wait any longer. This is my first piece of rust dyed haboti silk. Actually I sneaked a peak a couple of days ago. Rinsed it and thought it needed a little longer so I popped it back around the train wheels and put some more of the water/vinegar solution on it. Pretty good I think.

I headed off to the car boot sale yesterday thinking that I would find loads of wonderful rusty shapes to bring home. Did I? No - not a thing. Oh! well I will need to keep trying. I was reading Lois Jarvis' blog and she was talking about monoprinting with rusty pieces of iron and the like. I think I might have achieved that with the wheels. Piece number 2 will be rinsed and I will post a picture later. This time it's one larger wheel again using haboti silk. I can't wait to see how it turn out. She also talks about wrapping fabric around wine bottles - you should read that story in her archives it's funny - and then wraps wire round it, pours vinegar on and waits. I have the wine bottles waiting and ready! We had champagne on Monday evening to celebrate the kitchen being finished - at last!!!!!! I have the fabric - just need the wire!

I put the hair on the doll the other day and made her a "handkerchief" skirt from the finest tulle and chiffon in colours to match her body. I have applied coloured skeleton leaves to each of the skirt panels. You can just see them in the picture. Her belt is made from ribbon with the tiniest seed beads and tiny little butterfly beads hanging from it.

I thought I would make light clothing since I painted her body. He hair is made from mohair in teal/pink and beige which my friend Linda sent me from California a little while ago. I knew it would come in useful for something.

The doll's face doesn'tlook too bad in this photograph does it? I added a little more paint to it as I thought her eyes were a little too small when I painted them the first time.

I think I am going to make her shoes from machine embroidery on water soluble fabric to make them nice and light and open in keeping with her clothes. I thought I might put a hat on her but I don't know what to do there. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Dianne said...

WOW she gorgeous, love the hair, her clothes are so beautiful.
I think she would look lovely with a circle of flowers like a crown on her head...
I hope she is going in the challenge :):):)
Have a great day. I can picture you in your log studio creating all your wonderous work..

DSL Flock to Fiber said...

She is a beauty, keep doll making! Please visit my blog (you can click on any of my comments to link to my home page. I sell mohair, I would be happy to send you a sample. I just started dying colors, it's a challenge! Linda

Carol said...

Hi Linda,

I shall go over and check out your blog. I plan on making more dolls. I loved this one I was just a little worried about painting her face. I need to keep practicing.