Monday, 17 July 2006

It's Hot Hot Hot.........

We started the morning yesterday with an early breakfast in the garden. It was so lovely. This is my DH just enjoying being served breakfast!

We decided to head off to a car boot sale which is held every Sunday in the Clyde Valley. It's about a 40 minute drive away. We put the top down on the MX5 and had a wonderful drive through the countryside to get there. The Clyde Valley benefits from the Gulf Stream so it is always warm here. They grow fruit, vegetables and the most beautiful flowers and plants.

I managed to find some stainless steel bowls which I thought would be great for my fabric dyeing are they are a great size. Not too big and not too small. They were priced at £1 each but true to form DH bartered and got 6 for £5. I never stick around when he is in barter mode - but good for him.

I collect Royal Worcester porcelain egg coddlers and I found another two at the car boot. Here they are. Aren't they just gorgeous?

We then headed off to the largest garden centre around. I got great source material for my course work. It was a wonderful day. The drive home was HOT! This morning I am writing from my log cabin as it's the collest place until later in the day when the sun comes round and it will be a little too hot in here I suspect. I am not complaining mind you it's wonderful.


Dianne said...

Car boot sale I love them,your egg coddlers are gorgeous, i've haven't seen them before but will keep my eye out for them, probably none in Canada LOL.
Great your Hubbby can barter, I'm not good at it either...