Wednesday, 12 July 2006

My Doll is making progress

I took some photographs when I was out for my walk today. There are some gorgeous wild flowers around. The thistles are particularly gorgeous - especially the itsy bitsy ones.

I haven't had much time yesterday or today but I did manage to get my doll sculpted, her face drawn and her face and body painted. I am thrilled to have got this far. I was dreading drawing the face - it's not brilliant - but since it's my first attempt I am reasonably happy with it. Once I have her eyes painted in and some "make-up" painted she will look OK....... I think. She is hanging in my studio to dry.

Now I am busy putting thread and fabrics etc together to make her clothes - now that's something I think I can do!


Dianne said...

Hello Carol
Thanks for the thistle pick I love them we don't see them here too much.. Your dolls coming out beautifully,Love her colors, I can't wait to see her all done..
Great job Missy, have a grrreat day.

Carol said...

Looking good so far, can't wait to see her in all her finery

Carol said...

Hi |Dianne,

I thought you might like the thistles. I was thinking of you as I snapped the pictures. Knowing your love of Scotland!

Enjoy your day sweetie,


Carol said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for dropping by. I loved your fusing work on your blog - great job.

The doll is making progress as you can see from today's post.

Take care,