Monday, 10 July 2006

Colour and Texture Collage

These are my Colour and Texture collages I did for my C&G course. I sent my Module 1 work off to my tutor, Marie, on Saturday - always a scary moment.I received very positive feedback yesterday. I am just waiting for the password then I can make a start on Module 2.

I am just patiently waiting for the kitchen fitter to come today and put up the new lights. A different tiler came on Saturday and the tiles are looking good - at last!!!! I can't believe we still don't have a finished kitchen since the units etc were delivered on 11 May!!!! The new work top was installed on Friday - we needed a new one because the kitchen fitter spilled glue on the other one he installed - he kept saying he forgot to bring the cleaning fluid - but I knew in my heart he was playing for time and I guess hoping we would forget - but we didn't. So a whole new bench had to be ordered and installed. New lights today since the previous tiler covered the others ones (as well as everything else) in grout!!! I am trying to stay calm ........ our friends are keeping us smiling they have been sooooo supportive. Thanks guys.

Norman and I went out and chose the paper for the kicthen. Different from the one we had chosen two months ago when we thought we would be redecorating! We shall go for it on Wednesday - just in case something else goes wrong in the meantime!

I had some wonderful news yesterday. My friend Margaret who had two heart attacks in January called. She is feeling great now, back to driving again, which is great news because it means she is really well. She set up her sewing machine yesterday and wants to get back to working on her Dahlia quilt I was teaching at class at the end of last year. She is all but finished it, all the pieicng is done she just has some quilting to do. We are meeting for lunch in the next week which will be just great.

In the meantime the garden needs some TLC. We have had so much rain this past couple of days and it's been very warm - result = long grass. The lilles I transplanted from the former patio are flourishing in their new position along the side of the conservatory. I shall post pictures tomorrow.


Dianne said...

Hey Carol
I love your collage pics they are beautiful... I so glad your friend is feeling better and wish her well. Renovating is a nightmare, I hope you put a few pics of it finished...
Your friend across the pond

Carol said...

Hi Dianne,

I will put a piccie of the kitchen on my blog when it is finished. sadly the fitter didn't turn up yesterday - things seem to go from bad to worse. No matter it will be finished - some time!!!

I hope you managed to get your PC problems sorted out I have missed your posts. I hope you get all your favs etc onto your laptop.

Take care,