Sunday, 9 July 2006

I Sneaked a Peek.......

A couple of days ago I mentioned a dyed piece I didn't like and so I overdyed, pole wrapped and added discharge paste and then overdyed yet again. I am surprised the fabric stood up to all of these processes - each time they were rinsed and washed! Anyway this is the resultant fabric. Pretty good really .... considering. Did I read somewhere about a green and purple challenge .

You can't see all the wonderful colours in this picture but the lilacs and pinks are lovely. I just used the dregs of the fabric dyes. (Those leftover ones again).

This was one of the cotton voile pieces I tried to rust. There are traces of rust on the fabric. I think I didn't leave it long enough. Once again I used the remainder of those dyes. The colours are suble shades of sea green, pinks and lilacs. They are not clear from the photograph. It wasn't tie dyed either I just laid them in a tray and poured what was left of the fabric dyes - drops from each of 7 jars!

I sneeked a peak at the second of my rust attempts. This is what has happened so far. Silk wrapped around my DH's model train wheels! It looks promising so far. I need to be patient.

Here are the silk pieces in their bubble wrap. I did that to help keep them moist and hopefully help the rust process.

Here is my second piece of cotton voile I tried to rust. I overdyed it in the same dye bath as the other piece. This one has a bit more rust visible.