Saturday, 8 July 2006

Working with Shape and my Rust update

I have been working with Shape this morning for my course work. The Scottish Parliament building is a wonderful architectural design. I just love the shapes.

This has great potential.

So does this.

I will be working with these in Paint Shop Pro.

I have plenty material to work with from these don't you think?

I checked on my rust piece this morning. It looked promising with a nice colour. I rinsed the fabric and was left with a rather washed out cream colour. I have put it in a dye bath! We will see what tomorrow brings.

I need to check out the rust process again as I must have done something wrong. Neither the white or the malt vinegar worked. Actually the washers weren't very rusty either - hmmmmm maybe they had oil on them to prevent them rusting, didn't think of that. Back to the drawing board methinks.

A couple of hours later........

I Googled "Rust Dyeing" and have started another rust process. This time I am using silk. I am also using 50/50 water and vinegar solution. PLUS I am using rusty old steam train wheels. DH has had these wheels lying rusting outside his workshop for a few months now! That should work ...... should it not? I shall wait patiently ........... I can't believe I just wrapped some gorgeous silk around rusty old train wheels ....... but I did. I also wrapped the whole "sandwich" in bubble wrap to keep it moist.


smarcoux said...

HI Carol

Will wait to see the results on your dyeing for sure. It should work .. the warmer the weather the better i left mine for about two weeks... well you know british weather LOL


Carol said...

Hi Sandy,

Perhaps I didn't wait long enough. I waited less than a week. I am not normally impatient but sometimes ......

I will post a picture of the dyed fabric later today. The second rust sample ...... well I will wait a little longer ..... 2 weeks? Can I wait that long .... we shall see.

Take care,