Friday, 7 July 2006

Visit to Blackness

One of my favourite places to visit locally is Blackness Castle and the surrounding area. It is just so quiet and peaceful. I felt I didn't have enough variety of photographs for my Texture collage for my course so I took some more when I was out and about.
The colours around the rocks are quite stunning.

The shoreline where we were is just covered in all sorts of shells for as far as the eye can see. Quite amazing.

We stopped off at a lovely restaurant for lunch and then headed for the garden centre where I bought some shrubs for the garden. It has been a lovely day here but the rain has started now just as we are about to go out for the evening.

I am not quite sure what kind of sea weed this is but it makes good source material. I might print it onto fabric and make it into a Journal Quilt - not sure yet.

Where does the time go? I had planned to do so much whilst on my break from teaching my classes - they will be starting up again before I know it.

My first attempt with the new screen printing materials turned out quite well. I am pleased with it. I haven't had time to photograph it but I will post a picture later. I now need to find Lightening something or other to clean the screen. I am not quite sure where I will get that but DH says we should be able to get something similar in the local car repair place - it's a degreaser apparently.