Monday, 24 July 2006

Something a little different .....

Yesterday we did something a little different. We attended a car racing show at Knockhill. The race track lies in a most beautiful part of the coutryside. We crossed the Forth Road Bridge into Fife where the show was held.

We got there nice and early so there was no congestion for parking. We had a look around the "pits" where the cars were getting ready to race in their various categories throughout the day.
I was particularly interested in seeing this car up close and personal. I was fascinated anyone could fit in there let alone drive it! The driver explained it all to Norman and I and said he was racing in an hours time.

The hairpin was one of the best places for action photographs. I managed to get a picture of the driver of No 4 going round the track. It was a great day but even better knowing we had met and talked at length to one of the drivers.

There were a number of different classes of cars from the Hillman to the Lamborginis - of which there were a number. The old 1950s racing cars were paricularly nice ......... and noisy!

Jackie Stewart the famous Scottish Formula One racing driver (long since retired) was there with his Tyrrell. We were fortunate that he drove his car around the track the crowd went crazy seeing him. The weather was lovely, not too hot as it has been these past few days, it was a little cloudy but lovely.

Just before this race started we were visited overhead by an old Spitefire. I managed to get a couple of photographs of him as he passed overhead tipping his wings, dipping and diving, the maneouverability of this aircraft is quite incredible. Here is one of the better photographs I took of him.

Fortunately I have a nice long lense on my camera otherwise he would have been a dot in the sky. Norman laughed when I said I was sure I saw the whites of his eyes . He flew over quite a number of times before he headed of into the blue yonder.

Later in the day there was a parachute jump. We were busy talking to a chap about an e-type jaguar at the time so we missed the jump but I managed to get photographs of the paratroopers on terra firma!

It was a wonderful day. I didn't get any sewing done at all but DH had the time of his life. We were quite exhausted by the time we got home. It was a great day. Posted by Picasa