Monday, 3 July 2006

This was one of those pieces ........

I had a brainwave the other day (dangerous). I had just drooled over my first sun print using the Setacolor Soleil fabric paint and thought what if! What if I painted a hand dyed piece and sun printed that? I was thinking the dyed colour would come through rather than white fabric. I had a piece of turquoise hand dye from my current experiments and decided to paint it with the Soleil paint. I laid out the fabric and started painting it using a foam "brush". I couldn't understand why I was using so much paint this time around. I carried on regardless. I laid it out in the sun with some conifer branches (little pieces) and a random set of three little buds from the tree as well for good measure(that's the little dots you can see in the picture). Then I re-read the instructions!!! I should have dampened the fabric first before I painted - did that the last time - forgot this time! Anyway as you can see the print is a little light and not quite what I expected. Not as a result of the paint but due to the fact that the little pieces of tree were not lying as flat on the fabric as they should have been. I knew that would happen really I was just anxious to get this done. Yesterday I had another brain wave to rescue this piece.

I had a fern stamp and stamped first of all using green fabric paint. It needed something else and so I re-stamped this time using Xpandaprint. I heated the Xpandaprint with the heat gun and left it all to dry overnight. I had a look this morning to see if it was indeed as nice as I thought it was yesterday - yes it looks quite good (if I say so myself).

Oh my! I saw a picture of my RR fabric that Carol in Wales has added too - it's gorgeous, I love it. I couldn't believe she had put butterflies and dragonflies on it. I looooooove butterflies - how did she know?
I am going to get all my chores, shopping etc done as quickly as possible today in order to get back in my studio. I want to try acrylics on fabric - never done that before! I lso better get a little more organised that I was yesterday as far as dinner is concerned - DH cooked last night I was so engrossed in my studio and didn't realise the time!!!


Carol said...

Love all the experiments you have been doing lately, makes me want to lock myself in my workroom and play for a week.

Carol said...

Hi Carol,

Then you should do just that! I am just having fun since I am free from teaching until late September. I have online classes starting in July at QU but at least I don't have to pack and go anywhere.

You have my permission to PLAY!