Saturday, 19 August 2006

Airbrush and acrylic ink samples

I laughed when I read my previous post this afternoon. It sounded as though I wear a respirator when airbrushing in Paint Shop Pro! I was of course referring to these two pictures but Blogger wouldn't let me upload them this morning. I made a stencil for the above picture. I used both the positive and negative stencils and airbrushed using acrylic inks. The transparency achieved is excellent. My source was paving flags that we lifted when we built the log cabin. They also give good texture when you take some paper and make rubbings with wax crayons and then overpaint with watercolours.

I made a stencil of the butterfly from a photograph. Once again this was airbrushed with acrylic inks. If I take a photograph of it I can import it into PSP and use it as a background. I am thinking this would also make a good background for a little quilt. I might print it to fabric and see if I get the same transparency. What do you think?


Dianne said...

I think it brilliant Missy so gorgeous, I agree transparancy is stunning.. You go Girl:):)..
I love all of them sheesh..

Dianne said...

Okay I picked my favorite, have to be the leaves,and do I see puple behind them, loving it..

Carol said...

Hi Dianne,

Thank you so much. Yes indeedy it's purple you see. You wouldn't believe my colours are autumn would you?