Saturday, 19 August 2006

PSP X Airbrushing Samples

Thank you for your emails asking how I have been. Things have just been busy and
I haven't spent much time at the PC lately. We have been out and about and had friends over. I have another QU class running at the moment, Etui is almost finished, Quillow's third lesson has just posted and it's good fun and a very lively class. Apart from that I have been busy with my C&G course. Posted Module 4 to my tutor and it was passed. I am just waiting for Module 5 to go live then I can get started on that. Festival of Quilts this weekend so not much else will be done.

These are some of my airbrush samples.

I have been using silk paints on fabric and acrylic inks on paper and fabric. The effects are wonderful. I have finished airbrushing the quilt I was working on but have set it aside for now. Too many other things to attend to at the moment. I selected the bird from a photograph and created this picture using layers and resizing.
I have been busy exploring the various selection tools. I once again used layers to create this image only this time I used a mixture of airbrush and flood fill to colour the various butterflies.

I have to say this is so much fun. I am having to use a respirator when using the airbrush as the paper masks just don't stop the paint from getting through as the spray is so fine.

I must say I like this one. The more I work with PSP the more I like it. I start a new online class on 1 September dedicated to PSP as a student this time. I do want to get my website looking a little more professional. I thought about having it done professionally but I really want to do it myself. I will, in time.

The magic wand and smart edge enables you to capture fine details like the birds wings. I like this and I am sure it would make a wonderful quilt.

Speaking of quilts. I have almost finished a hand painted quilt. It's just small. I have still to finish quilting it, bind it and make a label for it. The deadline for this one is the end of August but I need to get it in the mail to the US for then so it will be mailed on Tuesday when I get back to it.