Thursday, 10 August 2006

Airbrush Experiments

Where does the time go? I can't believe it was Sunday when I last posted to my blog. It feels like only yesterday.

I sunprinted a piece of cotton a week or two ago. I was using Pebeo Soleil fabric paints and at the time I only had blue. It was very........ well blue! The other day I over painted it with red and added some leaves and left it in the sun.

The fabric is in the washing machine at the moment but you get the idea. The colour is much richer than the photograph would suggest.

A while back my DH bought me a rather lovely airbrush and compressor. I haven't had the courage to try it until the other day when I set everything up in my log cabin studio.

I am using totally stable as the mask. I have frisk film but I thought I would try totally stable first of all as it's less expensive for experimenting with and also I have more totally stable.

I drew my design and cut out each individual section and painted each colour. I then replaced the pieces of mask before I moved to another section and different colour.

It was almost finished and about time for me to start cooking the evening meal and I rushed the last piece of painting. I did it using an ordinary brush instead of the airbrush thinking it would be quicker. Well it was quicker but the paint ran and spoiled the piece altogether.
This is the piece with a couple of the masks removed ready for painting.

I checked it later in the evening once it was dry and it still didn't look very great.

I redrew the design with a couple of changes and started painting it yesterday.

Here's the new one. I did some more work to it this morning and it is looking quite good. As you can see I am changing some of the colours.

I am using acrylic inks and silk paints. I am not too sure how it will turn out but I am enjoying experimenting.