Sunday, 6 August 2006

Carousel Box

The carousel box is a sewing box. It has two layers. The inside is machine quilted in a cross hatch design. The horses were a photograph I took of a real carousel one New Years Eve in Edinburgh. I scanned the picture into Paint Shop Pro. Added a fill to the background to match my fabric and printed it onto Canon Fabric Sheets. It was a while ago and printing to fabric was very new. The outside of the box was hand quilted before I laced it to the grey card.

To get the card circular I took the grey card and soaked it in water. I bent it to shape and pegged it and tied it with string to keep it closed. Added some glue to keep the edges together and left it to dry overnight.
I pieced the fabric for the lid and Norman, my DH, turned a piece of brass for the top.
Here is a closer view of his work.
I love boxes. All shapes and sizes. I collect old tin boxes and am always fascinated to see what I might find inside. This is one of my favourites. Once you have learned the basic technique you can make boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. I am putting these here for my QU students currently taking my Etui class and making the most gorgeous boxes ever!